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CBDL support helped secure over $31 million from the State to begin implementation of the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program (OGWRP) in 2014. Under the Odessa Special Study (OSS) Preferred Alternative, the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District began East Low Canal expansion and completed the first 13 miles last year. Plus, design work is underway for delivering surface water to those deep well water users planning to transfer to surface water.

But our job is not yet done. The League still has a laser focus on OGWRP because of the additional funding needed to complete the multi-year expansion.  Over the past year, our strategy to secure that funding began with an exploration of federal support.  The OSS Record of Decision has been a concern because it did not automatically allocate funding for the Preferred Alternative.  But, it did not preclude funding, either.  So, the League hired a Washington DC based firm, Water Strategies, to press policy makers for possibilities and for options. 

Of course, continued development of the Columbia Basin Project is a primary goal of the League, but the need for infrastructure reinvestment for existing facilities continues to increase.  Over the past year we have put a spotlight on this critical need with both our state and federal partners and now, in 2015, we must seize opportunities to make infrastructure reinvestment a priority.  

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  • Monitoring legislative, congressional, and agency activity  

  • Communications with key policy makers including regular meetings with U.S. Bureau of Reclamation PNW Regional Director

  • Presentations to service clubs, county/local governments, associations, nonprofits and businesses

  • Sandhill Crane Festival and Quincy Farmer Consumer Awareness Day

  • 3nd annual Water Day, an educational and networking tour for policy-makers, staff and stakeholders

  • Partnerships:
    • National Water Resources Association

    • Washington State Water Resources Association

    • Pacific Northwest Waterways Association

    • Columbia River Policy Advisory Group

  • Monthly newsletter in print and electronically

  • Weekly “news drops” e-news communications

  • Monthly press releases, guest articles and print advertisements

  • Regular communication with irrigation districts

  • Hired federal advocate, Water Strategies

  • Advocacy trip to Olympia focusing on legislative and government agencies

  • Advocacy trip to Washington DC with over a dozen congressional and government agency meetings

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