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New league chairman sees water project urgency

     -January 19, 2015, Capital Press

Columbia Basin Development League elecets new officers

     -January 12, 2015, iFiber One News

Editorial: Still the Advocates

     -November 10, 2014, Wenatchee World

Irrigation project to expand, add 31 miles of canal

     -November 7, 2014, Columbia Basin Herald

Funding to finish East Low Canal a 'rough pull'

    -November 7, 2014, Capital Press

Water flows to 17,639 acres in Columbia Basin Project's Odessa Subarea

     - November 4, 2014, Columbia Basin Herald

Odessa irrigation update to be featured at CBDL meeting

     -October 29, 2014, Capital Press

Irrigation Districts Face Permitting Hurdles

     -August 13, 2014, Basin Business Journal

Potato Industry Leadership Institute to be Held in February

     -August 1, 2014, The Prairie Star

Ecology and the Dept of Agriculture (WSDA) Present 2020 Water Goals to Governor

     -July 29, 2014, Ecology

Water could arrive to Odessa subarea farmers in 2016

     -July 2, 2014, Columbia Basin Herald

'Real, wet water'

     -March 31, 2014, Columbia Basin Herald

The long effort to water the land

     -March 21, 2015, Wenatchee World

More water on tap for the Basin

     -March 13, 2014, Columbia Basin Herald

Water replacement project moves forward for Odessa aquifer

     -March 12, 2014

Agencies sign contracts for Odessa irrigation water

     -March 7, 2015, Capital Press

Irrigators weigh costs of surface water

     -November 11, 2013, Capital Press 

Getting water from wells like betting in Vegas

     -November 7, 2013, The Odessa Record 

Water to the Promised Land

     -Fall 2013, Washington State University's Washington State Magazine

U.S.: 'Modern' river treaty should include fish, ecology, cultural protection

     -June 2013, Wenatchee World

Work begins to remedy declining Odessa water

     -June 2013, Columbia Basin Herald

Irrigation districts, growers weigh Odessa subarea water costs

     -November 8, 2012, Capital Press

Study finds Odessa aquifer is running out of time

     -May, 2012 

Water is key to jobs, money, growth

     -August 4, 2011, Columbia Basin Herald

Washington Student Selected for International Science Forum

     -May 4, 2011, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Columbia Basin Surface Water Bill Signed by Governor

     -April 14, 2011

Washington View: Increased Fees by State Agencies are Tax Hikes in Disguise

     -March 29, 2011, The Columbian

With Everyone at the Table, Yakima Basin is on Target for Watershed Success

     -March 27, 2011, Yakima Herald

A Rite of Spring: Irrigation Water Flows to Farm Lands

     -March 17, 2011, Grant County Journal

US Farmers Fear the Return of the Dust Bowl

     -March 10, 2011, Daily Telegraph