Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District in the Search of New Employees

Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District in the Search of New Employees

By: Roger Sonnichsen, Secretary-Manager, Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District

As the West Canal started to fill on March 16th, Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District began gearing up for the 2022 irrigation season. Given current job climate where the market is highly competitive, resulting in staffing changes along with employees reaching retirement, QCBID is searching for new employees to support their team.

QCBID is seeking to fill five ditch ride and canal maintenance positions. Until these positions are filled, QCBID continues to rely on current qualified staff to perform the functions ensuring water deliveries are made to landowners. New staff benefits from their enhanced training program developed to assist with learning ditch riding skills.

Finding a mechanic to work on large diesel equipment continues to be a challenge as the search hits a 2-year mark. QCBID has a large fleet of dozers, excavators, Gradalls, and other equipment used to maintain the canal systems.

Those who are interested in working on these equipment can contact QCBID and hear directly from the team.

Additionally, as there is a vacancy in QCBID’s engineering department, an assistant engineer with skills in surveying and drafting to support current staff is needed.

QCBID continues to offer stable employment opportunities within Grant County. Visit www.qcbid.org for current openings and fill out an application.

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