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DID YOU KNOW? Grand Coulee Dam was built over 75 years ago to help satisfy the nation’s need for electricity at a time of growing manufacturing, industry, and war. Construction started in 1933 and finished in 1942. First water flowed over the spillway on June 1, 1942. • Grand Coulee Dam was once the largest concrete structure in the world: 550 feet tall (almost two football fields) and 5,223 feet long—just short of a mile. • Building the dam foundation required excavating more than 22 million cubic yards of earth and stone--enough to fill 10 Rose Bowls.

Three legislators from the Columbia Basin, State Rep. Tom Dent (R-Moses Lake), State Sen. Judy Warnick, and State Rep. Alex Ybarra (R-Quincy) minced no words when expressing the importance of the Columbia Basin Project (CBP) to our corner of the world and beyond. “Ya like to eat? Well, that’s why we need irrigation,” Dent said. Besides that, irrigation is the main purpose for the Columbia Basin and its towns and cities, the lawmakers agreed. Even the tech-savvy companies that dot the landscape of western Grant County would not be there if lured by the cheap power rates and rich land made possible by the mighty Columbia River and its waters.
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