The Latest from ECBID

The Latest from ECBID

By: Duaine Anderson, President, East Columbia Basin Irrigation District

The East Columbia Basin Irrigation District (ECBID) celebrated some key milestones in 2021 including the grand opening of the 47.5
system, which is a significant part of the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program (OGWRP). This project is designed to remove landowners from well systems on the non-replenishable Odessa aquifer and transition use to the irrigation system.

This coming year will be no different. Some significant priorities for the ECBID team include:

  1. The continued implementation of the Preferred Alternative from the Bureau of Reclamation’s Odessa Special Study’s Record of Decision. This is the OGWRP design and construction of the public irrigation facilities that are needed to continue replacing the landowners’ reliance on the depleting Odessa aquifer.
  2. The improvement and increased efficiency of the canal system through the use of automatic gates where economically feasible. The ECBID team is working toward continued water delivery efficiency by exploring “re-reg” reservoirs for the canal system. This allows the capture and reuse of operational waste by pumping water back into the main canal and efficiently using that water further downstream.
  3. Water conservation remains a continued priority for the ECBID team. Conserved water can be reallocated somewhere else in the delivery system. This can be accomplished through the lining of their large canals and by burying laterals with PVC pipes. Improving the canal’s efficiency now ensures a consistent and reliable water supply for the future while reducing operational costs.
  4. ECBID team shares: “Our team remains focused on serving landowners to the best of our ability. Not only do we work to maintain a consistent and reliable water supply at a reasonable cost, but we strive to treat our customers and the communities we serve with respect.”

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