Our Partners

Our Partners

The Columbia Basin Project is a public benefit, and as such, it is our shared responsibility.

The Columbia Basin Development League represents stakeholder interests in local, state, and national government affairs. The League is actively engaged in efforts to raise awareness of the value of the Project, define the challenges that threaten that value, and identify and advocate for solutions so that the Project will continue benefitting current stakeholders and future generations.

The United States Bureau of Reclamation initiated, authorized, created, and holds ownership of the Columbia Basin Project.

The Washington State Department of Ecology grants the water rights to Reclamation, represents a balanced interest in the development of water supplies to benefit both instream and out-of-stream uses and has committed funds in recent years for Project development and improved efficiencies in Project infrastructure.

Irrigation districts, including Quincy Columbia Basin Irrigation District, South Columbia Basin Irrigation District, and East Columbia Basin Irrigation District, contract, first with Reclamation, and then with landowners, to deliver irrigation water. Each Irrigation District operates and maintains many of the facilities used to deliver water to landowners, and have the statutory authority to make decisions on development, water delivery, payment for and distribution of new water supplies as available. Each irrigation district is a subdivision of the State government, self-governed by a Board of Directors.

Landowners pay costs associated with use of the Project for irrigation purposes, including repayment of the federal government's original construction investment as well as operations and maintenance. Landowners within the Project also make up the governing Boards of each irrigation district, and Board feedback is often sought on distribution of new water supplies.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife preserves, protects, and perpetuates fish, wildlife and ecosystems while providing sustainable fish and wildlife recreational and commercial opportunities

By raising awareness, defining challenges, and identifying and advocating for solutions, the Columbia Basin Development League is actively engaged in ensuring the Project will continue benefitting current stakeholders and future generations.

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