Irrigation Districts

Irrigation Districts

The water source servicing the irrigated lands within the district starts at Grand Coulee Dam, located in North Central Washington. The water is pumped up into the Banks Lake Reservoir. At the outlet of Banks Lake Reservoir is Dry Falls Dam, which regulates the amount of water entering into the irrigation project's Main Canal, which runs south from Dry Falls Dam to another reservoir called Billy Clapp Lake, formed by Pinto Dam. The Main Canal continues to a point North and East of Soap Lake, Washington, to the Main Canal Bifurcation. At this point, the Main Canal splits into the East Low Canal and the West Canal. The East Low Canal serves the East and South Columbia Basin Irrigation Districts, while the West Canal exclusively services the Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District.

Irrigation Districts, including Quincy Columbia Basin Irrigation District, South Columbia Basin Irrigation District, and East Columbia Basin Irrigation District, contract, first with Reclamation, and then with landowners, to deliver irrigation water. Each Irrigation District operates and maintains many of the facilities used to deliver water to landowners, and have the statutory authority to make decisions on development, water delivery, payment for and distribution of new water supplies as available. Each irrigation district is a subdivision of the State government, self-governed by a Board of Directors.

East Columbia Basin Irrigation District (ECBID)

District Info

Craig Simpson

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box "E"
55 North 8th
Othello, Washington 99344

(509) 488-9671

(509) 488-6433


Lands irrigated in the ECBID are located in Adams and Grant counties, serving over 150,000 acres of land within the Columbia Basin Project.

    Fruit Farming32.3 million
    Grain Farming35.2 million
    Greenhouse Nursery3.7 million
    Oilseed Farming0.6 million
    Other Crops52.2 million
    Sugarcane & Sugarbeet Farming0.2 million
    Vegetable and Melon Farming100 million
    TOTAL:224.1 million

    South Columbia Basin Irrigation District (SCBID)


    District Info

    John O'Callaghan

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 1006
    1135 E. Hillsboro Street, Suite A
    Pasco, WA 99301

    (509) 547-1735

    (509) 547-8669


    SCBID Irrigates lands in Franklin County with a small number of acres irrigated in Walla Walla County, as well. SCBID serves over 230,000 acres of land within the Columbia Basin Project.

      Fruit Farming309.6 million
      Grain Farming29.2 million
      Greenhouse Nursery10.4 million
      Oilseed Farming0.2 million
      Other Crops93.3 million
      Sugarcane & Sugarbeet Farming0.0 million
      Vegetable and Melon Farming212.4 million
      TOTAL:655.1 million

      Quincy Columbia Basin Irrigation District (QCBID)

      District Info

      Roger Sonnichsen

      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 188
      1720 South Central Avenue
      Quincy, Washington 98848

      (509) 787-3591

      (509) 787-3906


      Lands irrigated in the QCBID are located in most of Grant County and a small portion of Adams County. QCBID serves over 250,000 acres of land within the Columbia Basin Project.

        CROP TYPEQCBID Value
        Fruit Farming276.2 million
        Grain Farming40.9 million
        Greenhouse Nursery16.1 million
        Oilseed Farming0.3 million
        Other Crops90.3 million
        Sugarcane & Sugarbeet Farming0.3 million
        Vegetable and Melon Farming134.1 million
        TOTAL:558.3 million
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