Your membership makes our work possible. The League relies primarily on membership for the necessary funds to engage in continuous advocacy and outreach activities in support of the Columbia Basin Project and related initiatives.  You make it possible for the League to regularly monitor and shape policy and legislation impacting the Project, and to take action when needed.

Additionally, membership supports the League’s effort to provide timely, fact-based information and status updates to stakeholders. The League’s newsletterVoice of the Project, and the annual conference are two well-known, value-added examples.

The Project has one voice.   Amplify it by becoming a member today.

In 2023, membership supported efforts to: 

  • Promote the Columbia Basin Project to local, regional, and national leaders and policymakers.
  • Elevate public awareness of Columbia Basin Project contributions to national food security.
  • Secure record state funding for Columbia Basin Project initiatives including Potholes Supplemental Feedroute, Pasco Basin Water Supply, and OGWRP
  • Secure state and federal funding to replace bridges impeding OGWRP water delivery.
  • Secure Reclamation FY24 funding for the Columbia Basin Project and OGWRP.
  • Reauthorize, fund, and improve farm bill programs that support Columbia Basin Project farmers and OGWRP construction.
  • Generate awareness of the facts surrounding Project completion.

In 2024, with your help, we can continue this important work!

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Shoutout to our Sustaining Member, RDO Equipment, our Leadership Members, Simplot and Lamb Weston; and to our Premier Members, the Washington State Potato Commission and the City of Othello - we could not serve as the voice of the Columbia Basin Project without your steadfast support!
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