Infrastructure Reinvestment

Infrastructure Reinvestment

Infrastructure is the foundation of a strong, competitive economy and thriving community. Aging infrastructure is a threat to the economic vitality made possible by the Columbia Basin Project.

Some facilities/features/infrastructure of the Project are more than 50 years old and in need of repair or replacement.

As the owner of the Project and the holder of the water right certificate to store Project water, the federal government has an enduring role in water supply infrastructure development and management. This includes – consistent with state water laws – working with local water managers on a policy level and providing available federal funding and federal cost-share opportunities in support of local efforts to secure a stable and sustainable water supply.

An investment in water infrastructure is an investment in our nation’s economy, its health, and its future.

As a supporter of the Columbia Basin Project and the nonprofit organization representing the interests of all CBP state holders, the League maintains certain policy positions that are considered fundamental for infrastructure reinvestment.

  • Support gridlock-free, increased funding for the Bureau of Reclamation through Congressional appropriations
  • Provide opportunities for irrigation districts to access federal loans
  • Relate conservation funding to infrastructure reinvestment
  • Support legislation that allows the Columbia Basin Hydropower’s North Dam Hydro Project to develop under one federal program (Reclamation Lease of Power Privilege (LOPP) or Federal Energy Regulatory Commission process)
  • Support Reclamation's add value to administration of/participation in projects, not just regulation as owner
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